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Renee LeveringtonHey there, I’m Renee Leverington aka The Knitting Mystic.

I don’t really do the “elevator pitch” so I’ll just be straight up with you. I love to knit and I love to help people. I’m a psychic – yes, I said it – I’m a psychic and I talk to dead people.

I’m not a gypsy fortune-teller (although I probably was one in a past life!), I’m just a regular person like you. I just happen to have an extra set of skills that I can use to help you figure shit out.

I do intuitive readings, I communicate with spirits, and I show you how to get in touch with your own intuition.

Whatever answers you need, from this world or the next, I can help you get them.

So, the knitting, what’s that about? Well I’ve been a knitwear designer for over 10 years now; knitting has helped me to learn how to be centered and focused, which helps me to do the intuitive work that I love.

Wanna know more about me? Find out here.