10 Steps to Self-Discovery

4991873Go on a journey of self-discovery!

With this quick list of activities, you’re sure to find something that will help you discover more about yourself. Pick one, pick three, pick them all! However many you decided to do, just be sure to make it all about you!

  1. Meditation – I can’t say enough about how beneficial meditation can be, not only for your mental and emotional health, but your physical health as well. It can help with insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, and self-discovery. When you relax and sit in silence or even with gentle music or sounds, it allows you to go within and really focus on your inner self.
  2. Journaling – I know everyone and their therapist says you should write down your thoughts and feelings, but it really is beneficial. Sometimes it’s hard to really get a clear look at yourself when you have everything bottled up inside, but when you put it out on paper it becomes more real, more tangible, which allows you see a better picture of yourself.
  3. Art – for centuries art has been a tool of expression. Take some time to draw something or paint something, it doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s the process that matters. Pick whatever colors you’re drawn to and start creating!
  4. Spend time in nature – getting outside is a great way to take time for self-reflection. When you’re one-on-one with nature and getting connected to the earth, it helps you get more grounded and more focused, it gives you time to decompress and go within (meditation in nature is an extra bonus!).
  5. Go on a retreat – get away from it all! If you can afford to go to a resort for a bit, that would be awesome, but it’s not a requirement. If you can’t afford the resort, maybe just a night or two at a local hotel, order room service, sit in the Jacuzzi, drink some champagne.
  6. Have a spa day – you don’t have to go to a spa to have a spa day, pamper yourself at home. Take a bath with some essential oils (maybe throw in a few rose petals), give yourself a facial and a mani/pedi, turn off your phone and relax.
  7. Learn something new – sign up for a class at the local college; learn how to cook or macramé, maybe basic photography or pottery. Whatever it is, pick something you never thought you’d learn how to do and see what happens.
  8. Take risks – take a chance on something new, go to a singles mixer (if your single) or find a Meetup near you, join a gym or go skydiving, get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do something you’d never thought you’d do before.
  9. Make a keepsake box – find a container to put little trinkets in. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be an empty tin or a paper or wooden box from a craft store, you can even make your own. Put things in it that you find – a crystal, a key, foreign coins, even a button or keychain; open it up every now and then to look at what’s in there, what little finds you’ve saved.
  10. Book a Soul Journey Session – have a conversation with your shadow self, find out what’s holding you back and why; discover your “soul secrets” that your shadow self is protecting you from, let’s bring them up from the darkness into the light so you can release them and get the healing you need.

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