The Art of Intuition

art of intuition

Learn to communicate with your soul through artistic expression.

Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within. – Lady Bird Johnson

sacred geometryFor centuries people have been expressing themselves through art – their thoughts, their emotions, their life experiences. When you create, your soul’s voice is speaking its truth; whether you’re drawing a simple flower or creating a sculpture with all the detail of the original inspiration.

Art is a most personal thing; it comes from within, from the heart and soul.

The ways it can be expressed are as varied as the many mediums that can be used to express it. And it doesn’t matter if you can paint a masterpiece or not, the benefit is in the act of creating.


The act of creating, from your soul, gives you insight into your true self. What better way to discover more about who you are?

Join me on this journey of intuitive soul exploration with The Art of Intuition.

This 6-week long workshop will guide you to the deepest parts of the soul to help you connect, or re-connect with the essence of who you are.

You’ll focus on inner reflection to communicate with your soul through artistic expression.


Remember the bit about not needing to create a masterpiece? You don’t have to be Monet or Picasso to participate in the workshop because the focus is on the creation, although there will be some reflection on the finished piece as well.

Each week you’ll use your own intuitive thoughts and feelings to create your own unique project.


  • Aura – by connecting to your own energy field, you will interpret its color(s) and what the colors mean.
  • Chakras – you’ll tune in to your seven major chakras to discover what condition they’re in and how it affects you.
  • Spirit Drawing – this unique process will help you to uncover hidden aspects of your soul so that you can work on inner healing.
  • Guide Drawing – use your intuitive insights to create a portrait of your spirit guide or guardian angel.
  • Mandala – create your own personal soul mandala that expresses your inner truth.
  • Sacred Geometry – define your own sacred geometry by creating a piece that interprets the essence of you.

spirit guideYou choose which medium to work with – paint, pencils, markers, etc – and what colors to use. You can use the same medium for each project, or mix it up and use a different one each time.

Once you’ve finished your projects you can share them in a private group forum, on my website, so that you can get some additional insights on your results from me and fellow participants.

spirit drawing

Let me be your guide to discovering that voice of your soul, that voice who wants to have a more personal relationship with you.

I know how much more fulfilling your life can be when you have that sacred connection. We are all just spiritual beings inhabiting human form and that spiritual being wants to help guide you through this life so that you can be happy and healthy.

What you’ll get:

  • Six (6) weekly Zoom meetings where we can discuss the projects and your process
  • A new project each week to help you connect to your soul
  • A private forum on my website where you can share your projects and express your feelings about them
  • An overall focus on how art can help you to have a stronger connection with your soul

All of the Zoom meetings will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live you can watch later.

Lessons will be in PDF format so you can easily save them to your computer or device.

Your investment to a better soul connection?

Just $99 $88 until Friday, October 26, 2018! After that date the price goes up.

That includes all six project worksheets, weekly meetings, and access to the private forum!

The workshop begins November 5, 2018 and registration is super easy, just click or tap on the button below. Registration will be available until November 2, 2018; the forum information will be emailed to you by this date as well.

Bonus #1: A free 3 card email reading from me on any topic that you need guidance with.

Bonus #2: My Basics of Intuition e-course to help you get a jump start on connecting to your intuition.

Bonus #3: A bonus project for creating your own unique oracle card.