Sacred Space Can be Found Anywhere, Even Online

Yes, it’s true, sacred space can even be found online.

We all have our own ideas about what is sacred. It can be a place, an object, a person (or people), numbers, words, etc, etc. Anything that resonates as something special, something revered, can be sacred.

When you find others with those sacred things in common, it can help you to feel that you’re not alone, or weird, or crazy. Making space with those people can give you a feeling of presence, relief, or joy.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you may not like to get out much. Or spend time in public with a bunch of people you know, let alone people you don’t know. So to find someplace a little less “crowded”, that can be god(dess) send.

You may already know that there are multiple places online to find people who have things in common with you. Places where you can feel free to be yourself without any fear of judgment. They can be on individual websites, group blogs, and social media – Facebook alone has hundreds of groups devoted to specific interests.

Well what if you could find a group like that? One that not only lets you interact with people who have common interests but one that also provides you with weekly and monthly guidance to use in your everyday life; a circle of people that you can feel safe with and be yourself with.

Sacred circles have existed for centuries – groups of people who come together with a common interest. These sacred circles can be friends or family, small or large, close or casual. Some are about learning something, and others are just about spending time together.

I’m working on building a community like this, a sacred circle, where you can connect with others who have a common interest and get regular guidance that can help you in your daily life.

To find out more, just visit the Membership page to see all the details.

Notes from the Ether – February 1, 2016


I’ve been getting a lot of animal messages lately so I decided to use the Power Animal Oracle cards by Steven D. Farmer for this week’s notes. The message is to follow your soul’s path with determination and to stop trying to run away from what you fear.


Whale – Soul’s Path

This message seems to be coming up a lot lately, to follow your soul’s path. So many of us, more than ever, are awakening to what we are here to do, what we are here to accomplish. And for some of us it’s a scary thing. But it needs to be scary, it needs to be an awakening experience otherwise we would just brush it off and ignore the signs and messages. These things that keep coming up for you, you need to pay attention to them, you need to notice what they are saying, no matter how much it freaks you out. You need to jump into the deep part of the ocean and believe that you’ll be able to swim.

Salmon – Determination

So here you are again, you know where you need to go, what you need to do. You may not know the exact route but if you follow your instincts, our inner voice, our higher self, it will guide you to were you need to go. You have that instinct for a reason, it’s the way to your path, and you must be determined to get to where you’re going. You must keep trying no matter how difficult the journey may seem. You are destined to this journey and the harder you fight against it, the harder your soul will push you to get there.

Turtle – Retreat

This may seem like a contradiction to the other cards, but it’s really not. It’s telling you to slow down and stop trying to push yourself away from what scares you, away from the direction you should be going. You need to stop fighting against the current and allow it to take you into the deep. Stop and take inventory of your thoughts and emotions; what is it that’s scaring you? What is it that keeps holding you back? You know what it is; deep down you know what you’re afraid of if you take the path you’re meant to take, the path your soul agreed to take. Stop trying to get away from it.


I think the message here is pretty clear – you’re being guided to follow your soul’s path and work through the fear that comes up around that, because you’re being called to make this journey right now. You must be determined to move forward, to follow your instincts and keep trying, no matter how difficult it may seem. You need to stop fighting your instincts and stop fighting the fear you have that is pushing you in a different direction than you should be going. The water theme across these cards is telling you that you need to go within and find the energy flow needed to get you on track.

Notes from the Ether – January 25, 2016


This week’s Notes are from the Witchlings Deck of Spells by Paulina Cassidy. I haven’t used these in awhile and they were calling to me. The message is to pay attention to your dreams and clear out the energy around you to help get needed clarity.



Our dreams are very powerful things; they connect us to our higher selves, to a higher source, to our guides, even to those who’ve gone before us. Even though a lot of the time they don’t make sense or don’t really have any messages that are significant, they are a way to get meaningful information because we are disconnected to our ego self when we’re asleep. When we disconnect from our ego self, we can get information that we would otherwise ignore.  It’s always a good idea to have a notebook and pen next you your bed in case you do have any dream messages; write down everything you can remember as soon as you wake up, otherwise you may forget the details later on.


I’m sure you’ve heard about the important of cleansing multiple times, maybe to the point of “geez, this again?” but it really is very important to do on a regular basis. This isn’t just dusting and vacuuming, it’s also cleaning the energy in your home and around you, in your aura, as well as mentally. The term “like attracts like” applies here; we are made up of energy just like everything else in the universe. So as beings of energy, we attract energy and sometimes the energy we attract is not so nice. It’s like your TV screen attracting dust; if you never dust it, the dust just keeps building up until you can barely see what’s on the screen. The same goes for your energy field. Sage is one of the best ways to clear energy and it’s readily available just about anywhere.


Having clarity makes it so much easier to make not only day to day decisions, but also those major ones that come up from time to time. Clarity is key to knowing whether to go one way or go another way. This is where the cleansing comes in. Clearing out the cobwebs and clutter from your energy field and physical environment helps you to get a better connection to your higher self as well as the divine in order to get answers when you need them.


Pay attention to your dreams, especially vivid ones, I feel that some of us are getting important information that we may not be recognizing; if you have a pen and paper next to your bed, you can write down any details, whether or not they seem important at the time doesn’t matter. Writing down the details will give you something to refer back to later on. Some of these messages may not be getting through because of a “dusty” energy field. It’s important to clear your energy, and your environment, often so you can get the clarity you need to recognize important message being given to you through your dreams.

Notes from the Ether – January 18, 2016


This week’s Notes from the Ether are from the angels, the Archangel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. The message from the angels is to recognize the ideas you’re having, write them down to help you focus and have faith that your dreams have been heard by the divine.


Brilliant Idea! – Uriel

Many of us are going through a life transition right now, more than ever before. This time that we’re in really seems to be full of promise and possibilities. We’re coming up with new ideas about our lifestyles, our careers, our own personal journeys and more. This is an optimal time for making these changes. While Mercury is still in retrograde, it’s a good time to really reflect on these changes we want to make or are already making. The message here is that what is coming up for you is definitely guided by divine timing, it’s not a coincidence that certain things are showing up for you. Don’t sit back and wait until it passes, take these things to heart and act on your own intuitive guidance.

Creative Writing – Gabriel

While you’re experiencing these insights and ideas, be sure to keep track and write them down as they come to you. Keeping some sort of records of our thoughts and ideas is another way to solidify what you want and what your intentions are; it helps to make them more real instead of just daydreams or flights of fancy. It can also help to keep you accountable to yourself and help give you motivation to bring things about that you’ve been wanting. Put your brilliant ideas down on paper and refer back to your notes often to be sure you didn’t miss something. Often writing down our thoughts and ideas will lead to even more ideas we didn’t realize we had. This is a way the angels can communicate with you, and help you to be where you want to be and find the next turn in the road ahead of you.

Victory! – Sandalphon

Taking action on your goals and keeping track of your progress will lead you to your goals. Just remember that there is no end to your story, only new beginnings. Once you’ve reached one goal, a new one becomes ready for you to reach for. Know that your dreams and wishes have been heard by the divine and you will be receiving answers in due time. Be patient and have faith that all will become clear and work out as it’s meant to. Don’t hold too many expectations about when, because divine time is much different than human time. Just have trust and faith that behind the scenes it’s all working out.


Notice the new ideas you’ve been having, even if they seem a little out there, and know that these messages are being given to you by the divine. Don’t hesitate to take action on these ideas, or they may become distant memories. Be sure to write down any ideas and thoughts you do have so that you have something tangible to help you reach your goals. Know that what you’ve been wishing for and dreaming about is known to the divine. Have faith that all will work out for the best but remember that the time frame may be a bit different than you’re expecting.

Notes from the Ether – January 11, 2016


This week’s Notes are from the Goddess Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. The message is to trust your inner voice so that you can recognize when opportunities show up for you and to be focused enough that you don’t let them pass you by.



Athena is telling us to trust our inner voice. You know the one, that voice that tells you “do this” or “do that”. Not your ego voice, your soul voice. Your ego voice can be not so nice, but your soul voice is always kind and loving; it may be nagging sometimes but it always comes from a place of love and looks out for your best interests. That voice – you need to start listening to it more. Even if what It’s saying may not make sense right now or may not be what you want to hear, listen to it.


Here is the reason you need to listen to that voice. Opportunities will be showing up for you and you need to pay attention so you don’t miss them. That inner voice will guide you towards those open doors that will benefit you the most. When you get those nudges, those are the doors to walk through. There may be more than one door to walk through, sometimes this is a process, so don’t get discouraged feeling like you’re just going through door after door after door. Eventually you’ll reach the final door and see the results of your hard work.


Be sure to keep your focus during this process because if you lose it you may find yourself floundering a bit or going through the wrong door completely. Again, pay c lose attention to that inner voice to guide towards your intention, towards your target goal. It can be very easy to lose focus when your path seems like it’s never ending. Just trust that you will find what you need – not necessarily what you want. Sometimes we have goals that we think we want, but it may not be what we need; trust in the process, that it will lead you where you need to be.


So summing things up, you need to really listen to your inner voice more, your soul voice, so that you can recognize when opportunities show up for you; there are many doors on your path but only some of them lead you to where you want to go. Listening to your inner soul voice will help you to recognize which doors to go through to get you to where you need to be. Keep your focus and intention on finding the right doors so that you don’t become lost in the process.

A Small White Feather

Last year was quite a challenge for me, for many reasons I won’t go into. But needless to say it was a huge turning point in my life. One of the things I went through was losing the last of my dogs; it affected me in many ways.

First I want to mention, in case you’re not aware, is that when we see feathers on the ground it generally means your loved ones who have gone before you are letting you know that they’re around or that the angels are around you to give their support.

lucky4Earlier this year I had to make one final decision to let go of someone I loved. A sweet, silly girl who was just over 14. Her name was “Lucky”. My daughter gave her that name after we decided to keep her; my daughter had found her abandoned at a bus station in Tucson. I wasn’t going to keep her, at first, I actually planned to take her to the Humane Society when I had a chance. The day I took her there, I prayed that she would find a good home. Well, when I got there, they were closed.

lucky3Of course, my prayer was answered because she did find a good home – ours. She was just about 4 months old and she was a character – plus she thought she was a cat. We had 2 other dogs already and she got along well with one of them, the other one tolerated her.

About 2 years ago, her left eye started looking funny. After several months, and multiple diagnoses by the vet, we finally discovered she had a tumor in her head, just behind her eye; eventually it started to grow into her mouth. It was mostly inoperable and likely cancer. I didn’t want to put her through extensive testing and other crap so I just did what I could to make her comfortable.

luckyFinally, this past July, I made the decision to let her go. She was becoming very confused, not eating much, and sleeping the majority of the time so I decided it was time, I didn’t want to let her suffer any more than she already had.

Of course I kept second guessing myself, wondering if I was making the right decision or if I was just giving up on her. I continuously asked the angels for guidance, to let me know I was doing the right thing. The day I was to take her to the vet one last time, I carried her out to my car and put her in the back seat.

featherAs I walked outside I noticed a small white feather on my windshield. At first I thought, “okay, the angels are telling me this is the right thing to do”. But I second guessed that too, because, well it could just be a coincidence. The feather stayed on my windshield, right in the same spot, as I got in my car and as I drove all the way to the vet. It stayed there the whole time. I thought I would take it off and keep it when I left the vet, but when I came outside to leave, it was gone.

So, yes, I knew I had done the right thing. Even though it hurt like hell, and I didn’t want to leave her there, even when I knew she was gone, I knew I had done the right thing.

Then came one of the hardest times in my life.  I felt like my whole world was falling apart and I couldn’t pick up the pieces fast enough. Like a house of cards that the wind keeps blowing over and I can’t find all of the cards to put it back together. This feeling has not yet gone away.

lucky2You see, for the past 20 years I’ve always had a dog, more than one at a time, in fact. One of my main purposes in life was taking care of my dogs. Almost everything I did, almost every decision I made, was focused on my dogs. Not taking trips because I was particular about who would take care of them. Making sure I was home in time to let them out and feed them. Not wanting to work anywhere too far from my home so I would be able to go home at lunch time to let them out and feed them.

IMG_0045So when I lost Lucky, my whole world imploded; I no longer had a purpose. My house felt empty, my heart felt empty – each one of my 5 dogs took a piece of it with them. I was completely lost. I withdrew from the world, both the real world and the online world; my appearance anywhere on social media was next to nothing.

And I thought, well now I have time to take care of myself, something that I lacked in extreme. But then I felt guilty for thinking that, for thinking “now I don’t have to worry about anyone else but myself, now I can go and do things without needing to rush home by a certain time, now I can focus on taking care of myself and my health”. Immense guilt. I still feel it sometimes.

It’s still a long road ahead for me, it’s still difficult and my heart aches every time I think of them, but I am moving forward no matter how hard it is to want to go backwards. I know I have another purpose, even though I have to make myself believe that every day.

And I’m still working on taking care of myself, it’s an uphill road but I try every day to keep moving forward.

Notes from the Ether – January 4, 2016


This week I used the Wildwood Tarot deck by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. It has a lot of imagery from nature that gives me a sense of peace. The message for this week is about new beginnings, an appropriate message for the start of a new year.


Eight of Arrows/Struggle – reversed

Normally I don’t read card reversed but I feel that this one needs to be read that way. I know a lot of us have struggled over the past year in one way or another. The message I get from this card is that the struggling is at best coming to an end, at worst slowing down. So you can expect to at least see a slow down of difficulties starting this week. I think it’s appropriate that there is snow in this card – as if coming out through a long, cold winter is occurring.

The Great Bear – reversed

Here I feel that the bear represents those things that have been holding us back. Again, I feel the “reverse” meaning is appropriate here. The things that have been holding you back are losing their grip. For some of you this is you holding yourself back. You’re starting to realize that what you’ve been doing is preventing you from moving forward; some of this is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what lies beyond the entrance to that cave. This fear is slowing, gradually fading away, allowing you to move into a new beginning.

Ace of Stones/The Foundation of Life

And here is our new beginning. You write your own story, therefore you are the master of it. You can decide how it twists and turns. I feel that symbolism  is very significant here, especially the spiral within the stone. The spiral represents life and the constant renewal process. Now is the time for you to begin a new process, to start over again. All is not lost. Believe that you can and will begin again, no matter what obstacles you’ve been facing. Find your faith in yourself, faith that you can do this.


The message overall here is that the struggles you’ve been experiencing are beginning to slow down or come to an end completely. You’re starting to realize what has been holding you back from moving forward and that fear of the unknown is part of this. The process of a new beginning is starting for you, you only need to embrace it and allow it to happen.

Happy New Year! and Contest Winners

Happy New Year!

I expected my first post to be something different but, hey, sometimes we get a little off track, right?

clockToday is a new day and a new year and it’s a good time to really reflect on the last 12 months to see what you’ve learned and what you want to do differently. I don’t believe in resolutions because that just puts pressure on you to accomplish something, and then if you don’t, you feel like a failure.

Others like to pick a word for the year; been there, done that, not so much a thing for me. But if it works for you – awesome! For this year I just want to focus on each month at a time instead of looking at the whole year ahead. I feel that if you set your goals in small bits, it’s easier to achieve them. Just don’t forget that you need to take action on them, too.

So, if last year didn’t exactly go as planned, don’t beat yourself up! It doesn’t mean you failed. Just start over fresh right now. A year is really just a measurement of time, time that can start whenever you want. If setting goals for the long haul seems too overwhelming to you, start small. Think about what you can accomplish in a month or 3 months or 6 months and go from there.

Every day is a new day!

Now for the contest winners!

Card Reading – Carla Loganmercer

2016 Yearly Review – Sue Hotton

Congratulations to both of you!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, you can still get a card reading if you need one 🙂

Trying to Find My Way Out

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing nothing lately. Sometimes that’s good but sometimes it’s not. When you sit around doing nothing, then nothing gets done; you’re unproductive. I haven’t been doing this because I have nothing to do, I have plenty to do. I’ve just had a lot of personal stuff going on, stuff that has been giving me pause and causing me to contemplate what I want to continue doing with my life and where I want to be, where I should be.

I never thought I’d be re-focusing on my future at my age, I mean, that’s the kind of thing you do when you’re younger. I’m too old for this shit, I should already know where I want to go from here.  I do know I want to help people, that’s why I started doing intuitive work. I feel like that’s my contribution to society, there’s a reason I have these abilities and it’s not so I can use them to decide what color I should paint my living room.

girl2I especially know this is what I want to do when I work with someone, I think “this is what I want to do every day”. Then I struggle to put myself out there, to show my gifts to the world, to make noise and be heard and seen and let everyone know I’m just sitting here waiting for you to ask me for help. But no matter how much I try to be seen, I still feel invisible, hidden in the darkness.

Yes, I work in the darkness, someone needs to, because that’s where the deep shit is at; the shit you can only get to by going into the darkness. Now I feel that darkness that I used to find comfort in, that used to be my friend, seems to be consuming me, swallowing me up into its depths and keeping me from showing up for those that I can help.

And I feel helpless. Helpless and alone, out in the middle of nowhere trying to be who I really am, trying to survive, and trying to figure out how the hell I got here in the first place. How do I survive without giving up on myself? How do I move forward without becoming another soulless drone that follows along with everyone else because they know nothing else?

I keep trying to find answers in the endless onslaught of “just follow my plan and you’ll be miraculously transformed” promises only to delete everything from my inbox because I know I have the answers myself, I have the “miracles” inside of me just waiting to be found. So I keep digging, trying to find those answers that I need to finally get to where I want to be.

Crystal Corner – May 2015

crystal corner

This month’s crystal is rose quartz. It is another form of quartz that occurs in shades of pale to dark rose pink and can be opaque or translucent. As with other quartz it can be found in several forms like spheres, hearts, palm stones, beads, figurines, as well as gem cut stones. However, natural rose quartz is rarely found in natural terminated points like other quartz; this form is usually cut to this shape.

rose-quartzThe origin of the pink color is not completely clear; it is believed to be cause by inclusions such as titanium, iron, or manganese but recent studies show it could be due to thin fibers of dumortierite within the crystal. This form of quartz can be found in different locations including Brazil and the US.

Rose quartz, also known as Bohemian Ruby, is aligned with the heart chakra and is considered the “love stone” for its ability to bring love into your life, especially romantic love. It is often used in love spells and is also very useful to promote self-love, help with self-esteem, as well as emotional balance.

As another master healer, this crystal is especially helpful for transition of the dying and to help with the grief of losing a loved one. Due to its gentle, loving energy, rose quartz can also be useful for strengthening the bond between a mother and her child(ren) or for connecting to your own inner child.

Other uses for rose quartz include promoting pleasant dreams, dream recall, restoring trust and harmony, acceptance of change, and stimulation of the imagination. It is also believed to help prevent wrinkles and promote beautiful skin. This is another crystal that is great to use for crystal grids, especially grids intended to attract love, peace, and acceptance.

Next week we’ll continue the quartz rounds with citrine.