10 Steps to Self-Discovery

4991873Go on a journey of self-discovery!

With this quick list of activities, you’re sure to find something that will help you discover more about yourself. Pick one, pick three, pick them all! However many you decided to do, just be sure to make it all about you!

  1. Meditation – I can’t say enough about how beneficial meditation can be, not only for your mental and emotional health, but your physical health as well. It can help with insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, and self-discovery. When you relax and sit in silence or even with gentle music or sounds, it allows you to go within and really focus on your inner self.
  2. Journaling – I know everyone and their therapist says you should write down your thoughts and feelings, but it really is beneficial. Sometimes it’s hard to really get a clear look at yourself when you have everything bottled up inside, but when you put it out on paper it becomes more real, more tangible, which allows you see a better picture of yourself.
  3. Art – for centuries art has been a tool of expression. Take some time to draw something or paint something, it doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s the process that matters. Pick whatever colors you’re drawn to and start creating!
  4. Spend time in nature – getting outside is a great way to take time for self-reflection. When you’re one-on-one with nature and getting connected to the earth, it helps you get more grounded and more focused, it gives you time to decompress and go within (meditation in nature is an extra bonus!).
  5. Go on a retreat – get away from it all! If you can afford to go to a resort for a bit, that would be awesome, but it’s not a requirement. If you can’t afford the resort, maybe just a night or two at a local hotel, order room service, sit in the Jacuzzi, drink some champagne.
  6. Have a spa day – you don’t have to go to a spa to have a spa day, pamper yourself at home. Take a bath with some essential oils (maybe throw in a few rose petals), give yourself a facial and a mani/pedi, turn off your phone and relax.
  7. Learn something new – sign up for a class at the local college; learn how to cook or macramé, maybe basic photography or pottery. Whatever it is, pick something you never thought you’d learn how to do and see what happens.
  8. Take risks – take a chance on something new, go to a singles mixer (if your single) or find a Meetup near you, join a gym or go skydiving, get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do something you’d never thought you’d do before.
  9. Make a keepsake box – find a container to put little trinkets in. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be an empty tin or a paper or wooden box from a craft store, you can even make your own. Put things in it that you find – a crystal, a key, foreign coins, even a button or keychain; open it up every now and then to look at what’s in there, what little finds you’ve saved.
  10. Book a Soul Journey Session – have a conversation with your shadow self, find out what’s holding you back and why; discover your “soul secrets” that your shadow self is protecting you from, let’s bring them up from the darkness into the light so you can release them and get the healing you need.

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Talking to Dead People

You may have seen the free training call I did last month on what it’s like to talk to dead people. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of that call.

1154629So, let’s talk about mediumship. What is mediumship exactly? Some people don’t really know what it is or what it means. It’s really pretty simple, it’s just basically talking to dead people,  it’s not some mysterious, spooky thing. Although it can seem a little spooky if you don’t know much about it.

You may already have a preconceived idea of what being a medium is. Maybe something you’ve seen on TV or in a movie or even read about in a book. Now, if you’re thinking of séances where everyone sits around a table holding hands, with only a candle flame for light, then the table starts moving and you start hearing noises, then the windows fly open – yeah, that’s not real. Not to say that you can’t communicate with spirits at a séance but all those crazy things don’t really happen.

Maybe you’re more familiar with that show Medium that used to be on, starring Patricia Arquette, or you may know about John Edward or Lisa Williams or even the Long Island Medium – that’s really a more accurate idea of a modern medium. Of course, I don’t go up to perfect strangers and ask “Hey, did your mom just die? Well she’s here and wants to talk to you”. I just feel like that’s kind of an invasion of someone’s energy, if they didn’t invite you to read for them, so yeah, I don’t do that. But, hey, everyone has their own thing.

As far as how people communicate with the dead, that’s as personal as your fingerprint, everyone connects differently and gets messages differently. Me, I tend to be more clairvoyant generally – which means I get messages in a visual way, but when I talk to dead people, I get them differently, my other clairsenses kick in more.

I still get visuals, but not clearly, mostly I hear messages, which is clairaudient, and I can also feel things such as sadness or joy, which is clairsentient and then I also just know things, about how they died or other information, without any real explanation, which is claircognizent.

Some mediums might actually see spirits visually, not just in their minds, or they may hear voices outside of themselves, not just in their heads. So, everyone is different in how they can communicate.

And having a mediumship reading it isn’t all just fun and games, it can be a profound and deeply healing experience. Getting closure, getting the answers you need, can make a world of difference in how you’re living your life. Sure, it would be fun to talk to Uncle Bob, or Grandpa Joe, but many people don’t realize how healing it can be to have a reading.

Think about it – are there any loved ones that you have unfinished business with? Maybe you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye or tell them that you forgive them for something, or you want to know if they forgive you for something. Maybe you feel guilty because you weren’t there when they died or that you weren’t there to take care of them before they died.

Guilt is a powerful thing, it really is, and it’s something you can carry with you for years. It can affect your relationships, your job, your home life, everything. Just think about how different things would be if you could let go of those unresolved things that have been eating away at you – your loved ones have already let go, so should you.

Of course the best way to get answers is through a medium who can connect with your loved ones for you and I can help you with that. But if you’re not ready to take that step yet, that’s okay, your loved ones will be waiting for you when you are.

I Was Marie Antoinette

marieantionetteThat’s why I just can’t stand to have anything close to my neck, I can’t wear tight collared shirts or short necklaces (no chokers for me!), I just can’t do it!

All kidding aside – I really do have this issue and it is from a past life but I really wasn’t Marie Antoinette and you probably weren’t either.

I know it’s kinda cool to think you may have been someone famous in a past life but, let’s face it, the odds are totally against it. Chances are good that you were probably never anyone famous. Not to say that no one was ever anyone famous, it’s certainly possible that some people were, they don’t all ascend and never reincarnate.

But when you think about the number of famous people in history, even ancient history, there really aren’t that many when compared to the billions of people living on the planet today. You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery jackpot than being a reincarnated famous person. Of course I don’t have any real data to confirm that theory but, you see what I’m getting at.

Now, you may have been someone well known in your community, or geographic area, but not likely someone who’s mentioned in a history book or two (even though they aren’t entirely accurate). If you’ve ever had anyone tell you that you were famous, it’s highly possible they were just blowing smoke up your arse, for whatever reason.

So, just take stock in the fact that even though you may have been someone important, if only to your own family, you most likely weren’t Aristotle or Cleopatra or even Janis Joplin. But that’s okay, really, everyone is important in their own way and your contribution to society may have been way more significant than anyone famous.

Crystal Corner – February 2015


I’m resurrecting this feature, a monthly post series called Crystal Corner. I started this last year but never followed up with it. So I’m starting over with the first post again. Then each month I’ll post about a new crystal.

quartzFor this first post I’ll start with something simple – clear quartz. Clear quartz is probably the most common and easiest to find crystal; it’s also the most reasonably priced due to its commonality and is probably the first crystal that most people have in their collections.

It can be found in many different forms including raw chunks and points, polished pieces, tumbled pieces, beads, as well as several different carved shapes such as pyramids and skulls. It can also be found in various levels of clarity, from ultra clear to milky white; most pieces you’ll find will have at least a few inclusions. Some can even be found with a crystal within a crystal, known as a “phantom”. This happens when a new crystal forms over an existing crystal leaving a “ghostlike” smaller crystal inside.

Quartz is a silicate mineral and is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s continental crust, it can be found on virtually every continent. Clear quartz can also be found in dyed colors as well as “aura” colors; “aura” quartz is created by aquabinding a precious or semi-precious metal to the quartz under very high heat. There are differing opinions about whether or not this process enhances the properties of the quartz or diminishes them because the molecular structure has been changed. Either way, they are beautiful.

Clear quartz tends to have a very high vibration and resonates strongly with the eighth chakra, or “soul star” chakra. It can also clear away negative energy and help you to raise your vibration in order to communicate with the higher realms such as angels and spirits, hence the iconic crystal ball. However, if you’re in the market for a crystal ball, keep in mind that most crystal balls available today are actually clear glass, so be sure that you’re actually getting quartz crystal if that’s what you want.

Quartz is also a master healer stone as it can amplify healing energy as well as the properties of other stones. It is reputed to alleviate many health symptoms such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, and others. It enhances spiritual growth and mental processes, so it is especially helpful with meditation, problem solving, and creativity.

So, since this awesome crystal is so abundant and affordable, you can never have too much, especially if you’re thinking of creating crystal grids. Next month, I’ll talk about another common crystal – amethyst.

It’s Okay to be Afraid of the Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? I’m not, but I used to be. The dark can be a scary place, especially when you’re a child. When I was very young, even up through high school, I needed to have some sort of light on and/or sound in order to sleep. Even then, it was difficult.

My first experience with things in the dark was when I was about 2 or 3. I woke one night to see a shadow figure at the foot of my bed, touching my foot. Then it gradually disappeared below my bed. Thinking about it now, it could have been my father, but I’m still not really sure.

When I was 5, my mother re-married (my father died when I was 2) and her new husband decided he didn’t like living in our house so he made the decision to move us into a brand new double-wide mobile home in a dusty trailer court. It was pretty much that – dirt all around, except for a concrete slab for each lot.

My first night in our new home was the next experience I can remember. Somehow while I was sleeping I had maneuvered myself to the space between my bed and a wall, with my head turned to face the wall. Sometime during the night I was awoken by a very loud exhale in my ear, coming up from that space. That was the beginning of the light in the dark.

Idarkness had to have a nightlight on in order to sleep. Eventually I ended up in another bedroom, which was even more frightening. So, I had a nightlight in my room and there was one at each end of the hall. In this room, my closet became an issue as well – I’ll get to that in a minute. Remember, I mentioned this was a NEW home? No one else had lived in it before…or died in it. But somehow, there was still something going on.

The floors would creak and crack and groan when you walked on them but at night it happened when everyone was in bed; the dog was unsettled, sometimes looking down the hallway and growling, and I would lay awake for hours freaking out and watching the doorknob to my closet in order to spy the smallest indication that it was turning. I had frequent dreams that I got up in the morning, went into the closet and someone, or something, was there sitting under my clothes and I couldn’t move or scream.

My mother’s closet freaked me out too and when she eventually divorced, I moved into her bed but the closet door had to be closed – her closet butted up against mine. And, of course, the nightlights remained. Now I’ve considered that maybe there was a portal in that closet, my closet that I was always afraid of, always expecting the door to open and something to come out.

You might say this was just the imagination of a young child, but my mother had the same experiences – and of course the dog, the dog definitely did not like that mobile home. I’ve had other similar experiences in other places that I’ve lived, at least two I knew for sure someone died there. But I did eventually do away with the nightlights.

Now, I embrace the darkness, and I can’t sleep if there’s too much light in my room – the darker the better. I’ve come to realize that those things in the dark can’t hurt me if I don’t allow them to, and I can still surround myself with white light, even in the darkness.

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable, no matter how much we try to fight it. Everything changes in one way or another – we change, our skin, our hair, our likes and dislikes, even our personalities; the weather changes even, from one year to the next it can be different each season. Our lives change, our friends, our partners, our jobs and careers; where we live, what we keep and throw away.

cocoonI’m not a big fan of change, I’m really not. And I’ve been putting myself in the face of change for awhile now and I can say it’s a bit uncomfortable. But, if I wasn’t putting myself out there, I would still be stuck; stuck in a job I hated, stuck being in a static place that kept me thinking small.

Change can really be a good thing. Change can allow you to slough off things that no longer serve you and catapult you into a more joyful, more satisfying life. Like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. If that butterfly had stayed in caterpillar comfort, it wouldn’t be able to fly and serve a greater purpose, to pollinate flowers and plants to produce new seeds.


What new seeds are out there waiting for you to produce? Find a way to get out of your cocoon and soar so you can pollinate your own dreams. It really doesn’t serve you, or anyone else, to stay in that cocoon and hide from the world. Believe me, I know how easy it is to hide, I did it for years.

But you can show your beautiful butterfly self to the world, I know you can! Ready to make that transformation? Let’s take a Soul Journey and get you out of your cocoon!

Do You Talk to Angels?

Well do you? I do, every day!

It really makes a difference to have the angels on your side, especially when you’re going through a lot of crap, like I have this past year. They don’t necessarily make it all go away, but having their love and support makes it a little more bearable.

romaangelBecause I know how awesome it is to talk to the angels, I wanted to teach other people that they can do it too. And I wanted to teach a class about how to develop your intuition with a strong basis in the angels. Which is what I’ve done!

My new class Angel Intuitives will be starting in March and I’m really excited about it! Not only will you learn how to communicate with the angels plus get to know more about them, you’ll work on learning new skills to help develop your intuition.

How awesome is that?!

You’ll get real feedback from others in the class, too, because you’ll trade readings with each other. But don’t worry about being “exposed” at all because the Facebook group where we meet is totally private, only me and class members will see what’s posted there.

3362288Plus, some really great bonuses too – you’ll get a one-on-one session with me and a free angel communication bracelet that I’m hand making for everyone in the class!

So, if you’ve ever thought about learning more about the angels or even learning more about your intuition, what better time than now to do both? It’s like two classes all rolled up into one!

Registration is easy, peasy but it ends February 28, 2015. I know that seems like a long time from now but it really isn’t, it’ll be here before you know it. I mean, look how fast 2014 went by!

So why not head on over to my class page and take a look, you might be glad you did!

Episode 5 – Full Moon Reading

For this episode I did a full moon oracle card reading using the Energy Oracle cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

I give a little info on how October’s full moon got its name and the reading is letting you know what things you need to focus on during this full moon.

As usual, I welcome any comments you have about this episode.