Creativity is Key to a Healthier Life

It’s true! Studies have shown that doing something creative can benefit you in multiple ways from having less stress and less anxiety to having lower blood pressure and better problem solving skills.

art-of-intuition-blogThe ways creativity can be expressed are endless! It can be a physical activity like dancing or performance art or a more passive approach like painting or drawing. Just like there are many ways of expression, there are many techniques to choose from as well.

For example painting – there are the typical options such as watercolors or oil paints, or there are acrylics, guache, tempera, India ink, or even finger paints!

With drawing you can use basic graphite, or colored pencils, charcoal, and even watercolor pencils.

The list can go on and on. Then you have other types if media such as clay for pottery or sculpting, stained glass, woodwork, and of course don’t forget digital media.

Then you have journaling or creative writing, because writing is creative too – poems, stories, a novel, or a simple blog.

Like I said, there are so many ways to create that it would take me days to write about them. The point is that with so many options you’re bound to find at least one that fulfills you, that makes you forget about everything else, that helps you tune in to your soul so you can feed it and make it soar, so that you can connect with it and get to know your true self better.

Having a relationship with yourself, with your soul, is the most important relationship that you can have. Because, well, it’s who you really are at base level. When you’re connected to your soul, everything in your life becomes easier, freer, more enjoyable.

We tend to focus so much on the physical, and our physical existence that we forget that our physical form is only temporary. Yes, it’s important to take care of our physical form, absolutely!

But we need to start taking better care of our souls because that is the part of us that is immortal, that is divine, that never dies. Some believe that we only have one life to live but in reality we only have one soul. So feed it! Take care of it! Nurture it! In every way you can.

It’s kind of easy for me to talk about being more creative to connect to your soul, because I’m creative by nature – I started drawing when I was in my early teens. I went to art school, I taught myself how to knit, I learned how to dye yarn in beautifully painted colors. Creating things is a huge part of my life.

So, of course, creating a workshop is a completely natural thing for me to do, especially when it’s a workshop ABOUT creating! Awhile back I was laying in bed and the words “The Art of Intuition” just came to me, out of the blue. And I knew it was important, that I needed to do something with that.

It’s taken me awhile to really put it all together but now it’s been birthed, so to speak. I created this workshop because I really want to share with everyone how important being creative is and how you can get that better connection with your soul through artistic expression.

It’s not even the final piece that matters so much, it’s the act of creating, the bringing something new into your world, something that didn’t exist until you thought it and made it real. That’s the bit that’s really important.

I’d really love for you to join me – yes, you, the one reading this right now because you have a soul too, a soul that matters! And I really want to help you get connected, or re-connected, to it in an amazing way.

We start on April 6, 2015 and you just need to hop on over to The Art of Intuition page to register!

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