Crystal Corner – March 2015

crystal corner

This month’s crystal is amethyst. Amethyst is another very common crystal and is a purple variety of quartz, so it is also a silicate mineral. The name is derived from the ancient Greek meaning: a (not) – méthystos (intoxicated). This reference is related to the belief that the stone prevented drunkenness in its owner; ancient Greeks often wore it for this reason.

amethystLike clear quartz, amethyst can be found in many forms including points, clusters, and carved items as well as cut gemstones. The purple color is a result of irradiation as well as iron impurities, and other trace elements present in the crystal. Amethyst naturally occurs in various shades from pale pinkish violet to super deep violet. This stone is often used in jewelry and is graded, as any other precious gem is, so pricing varies greatly depending on the quality.

Amethyst occurs in many different locations throughout the world but the best quality stones can be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. It is sometimes found layered with clear quartz, which is called banded or chevron amethyst (these stones combine the properties of the two crystals). Some inaccurately refer to green quartz as “green amethyst”, this mineral is more correctly called Prasiolite. Synthetic amethyst is created by irradiating clear quartz after the ferric impurities have been removed. Amethyst is also commonly heat treated to produce synthetic citrine.

Amethyst is aligned with the third eye chakra as it enhances intuition and psychic abilities. It is also a stone of calm and balance which makes it excellent to use during meditation. Although it isn’t the best stone to use for prosperity, it can help with money and abundance issues.

It is another master healer stone that can be used for psychic protection, emotional healing, loss and grief, as well as addiction issues and protection while traveling. Other ways it can be helpful are for past life regression, clairvoyance, and angel communication. Since it is known for its metaphysical properties, it is an excellent crystal to use in crystal grids.

Next month I’ll talk about another form of quartz – rose quartz.

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