Embrace Your Crazy

poequoteToday’s blog challenge topic is about your favorite quote. Mine is from Edgar Allen Poe – “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”. Because it suits me very well, not in a mentally ill, needing to be committed way – although I’ve had my moments LOL. In that I’m not “normal” and never have been, nor have I ever wanted to be.

If I had grown up in the sixties, I would have totally been a flower child, experimenting with drugs and “free love” and protesting the Vietnam War. In my past lives I was a gypsy “fortune teller” who was always travelling, never staying in one place, an outsider to the norm of society; I was a shamaness, healing others and using my intuition to guide my life; I was a witch, living alone in the forest, away from the towns and villages around me, who danced under the full moon; I was a priestess, living in seclusion in an Egyptian temple with my priestess sisters. I have been persecuted for my ways, shunned by others who did not approve of my lifestyle but I never let it change who I was.

And now, in this lifetime, I’m still embracing my Witchy, psychic, medium self for who I am and who I’ve been and living my truth no matter what conventional society may think of me. Yes, I’m weird, yes, I’m crazy but I’m okay with that. If people are afraid of me or choose not to associate with me because of who I am then they aren’t the people I want around me anyway.

What about you? What are your unique traits that make you who you are?

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  1. Enjoyable blog, Renee and I was one of those flower children (still am). I also had very similar past lives and experiences that are a part of me now, witch, healer, priestess….
    Embrace who you are despite what others think. Love the tweet.

  2. (raises hand) Priestess, healer, witch – I’ve been all those things in lives past and bring all those gifts forward to this one. Thank you, Renee, for sharing your wild side! 🙂 We’ll all meet under the moon and dance (with goggles, even! hahah)

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