Love from the Angels – November 2, 2013


This was planned for yesterday, but I’ve been sick all week, so it’s a day late.

This month’s Angel message is all about paying attention to your feelings, trusting your intuition, and taking a step back to look at the whole picture before making a decision. I know it can be too easy to act before really thinking things through and now is definitely not the time to do that, or you may end up taking a wrong turn somewhere.


Clairsentience – Raguel

This is telling me that it’s important for all of us to really pay attention to things going on around us, especially paying attention to our feelings. What we’re feeling can tell a lot about those things we’re experiencing. I’m being told that some of you are feeling apprehensive about something that is going on, that you should trust those feelings and really re-think your actions at this time. It may be that the timing is off or it may mean that the decision you’re considering is just not the right one. Really think these things over before moving forward and trust what your intuition is telling you.

Creative Writing – Gabriel

I’m feeling that writing down your thoughts, through journaling, is a great way to really get everything down so you can look at the whole picture and this will help you to decipher what steps you need to take. There might be something you’re overlooking and this is a good way to see what you’re missing. It also helps to get your thoughts out of your head where they can easily be jumbled. For some reason I’m getting the thought of a ball of string, when it’s all wound up in a ball it’s difficult to see the parts inside the ball; but, if you unravel it and lay it all out, you can see all of it. When you can see the entire length of the string, you can see where the weak parts are, if any of it is about to unravel or break. This way you can make any necessary repairs to get rid of the damaged parts.

Breathe – Raphael

This is telling me that it’s important to take a breath before you react, to be sure you don’t overreact. Take a step back for a minute and really think about your next move. You might be falling into old behavior patterns that are holding you back and clogging up your energy. I feel like it will be helpful to do some sort of breathing exercises to clear out the cobwebs so that your energy can flow more easily and you can let go of old behaviors that do not serve you. Now is a good time for letting these things go so that you can move forward on a positive note and create the change in your life that you want to see.


It’s important now, more than ever, to pay attention to your feelings, to your intuitive messages, so that you can take the next right step. Writing down your thoughts can help to put things into perspective so that you can see anything you might be missing; this will make it easier to make the right decisions for you. Breathe in life and let go of stagnant energy that is holding you back and preventing you from making the positive changes you want to see in your life.

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