I Was Marie Antoinette

marieantionetteThat’s why I just can’t stand to have anything close to my neck, I can’t wear tight collared shirts or short necklaces (no chokers for me!), I just can’t do it!

All kidding aside – I really do have this issue and it is from a past life but I really wasn’t Marie Antoinette and you probably weren’t either.

I know it’s kinda cool to think you may have been someone famous in a past life but, let’s face it, the odds are totally against it. Chances are good that you were probably never anyone famous. Not to say that no one was ever anyone famous, it’s certainly possible that some people were, they don’t all ascend and never reincarnate.

But when you think about the number of famous people in history, even ancient history, there really aren’t that many when compared to the billions of people living on the planet today. You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery jackpot than being a reincarnated famous person. Of course I don’t have any real data to confirm that theory but, you see what I’m getting at.

Now, you may have been someone well known in your community, or geographic area, but not likely someone who’s mentioned in a history book or two (even though they aren’t entirely accurate). If you’ve ever had anyone tell you that you were famous, it’s highly possible they were just blowing smoke up your arse, for whatever reason.

So, just take stock in the fact that even though you may have been someone important, if only to your own family, you most likely weren’t Aristotle or Cleopatra or even Janis Joplin. But that’s okay, really, everyone is important in their own way and your contribution to society may have been way more significant than anyone famous.

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