Notes from the Ether – February 1, 2016


I’ve been getting a lot of animal messages lately so I decided to use the Power Animal Oracle cards by Steven D. Farmer for this week’s notes. The message is to follow your soul’s path with determination and to stop trying to run away from what you fear.


Whale – Soul’s Path

This message seems to be coming up a lot lately, to follow your soul’s path. So many of us, more than ever, are awakening to what we are here to do, what we are here to accomplish. And for some of us it’s a scary thing. But it needs to be scary, it needs to be an awakening experience otherwise we would just brush it off and ignore the signs and messages. These things that keep coming up for you, you need to pay attention to them, you need to notice what they are saying, no matter how much it freaks you out. You need to jump into the deep part of the ocean and believe that you’ll be able to swim.

Salmon – Determination

So here you are again, you know where you need to go, what you need to do. You may not know the exact route but if you follow your instincts, our inner voice, our higher self, it will guide you to were you need to go. You have that instinct for a reason, it’s the way to your path, and you must be determined to get to where you’re going. You must keep trying no matter how difficult the journey may seem. You are destined to this journey and the harder you fight against it, the harder your soul will push you to get there.

Turtle – Retreat

This may seem like a contradiction to the other cards, but it’s really not. It’s telling you to slow down and stop trying to push yourself away from what scares you, away from the direction you should be going. You need to stop fighting against the current and allow it to take you into the deep. Stop and take inventory of your thoughts and emotions; what is it that’s scaring you? What is it that keeps holding you back? You know what it is; deep down you know what you’re afraid of if you take the path you’re meant to take, the path your soul agreed to take. Stop trying to get away from it.


I think the message here is pretty clear – you’re being guided to follow your soul’s path and work through the fear that comes up around that, because you’re being called to make this journey right now. You must be determined to move forward, to follow your instincts and keep trying, no matter how difficult it may seem. You need to stop fighting your instincts and stop fighting the fear you have that is pushing you in a different direction than you should be going. The water theme across these cards is telling you that you need to go within and find the energy flow needed to get you on track.

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