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Notes from the Ether – January 18, 2016


This week’s Notes from the Ether are from the angels, the Archangel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. The message from the angels is to recognize the ideas you’re having, write them down to help you focus and have faith that your dreams have been heard by the divine.


Brilliant Idea! – Uriel

Many of us are going through a life transition right now, more than ever before. This time that we’re in really seems to be full of promise and possibilities. We’re coming up with new ideas about our lifestyles, our careers, our own personal journeys and more. This is an optimal time for making these changes. While Mercury is still in retrograde, it’s a good time to really reflect on these changes we want to make or are already making. The message here is that what is coming up for you is definitely guided by divine timing, it’s not a coincidence that certain things are showing up for you. Don’t sit back and wait until it passes, take these things to heart and act on your own intuitive guidance.

Creative Writing – Gabriel

While you’re experiencing these insights and ideas, be sure to keep track and write them down as they come to you. Keeping some sort of records of our thoughts and ideas is another way to solidify what you want and what your intentions are; it helps to make them more real instead of just daydreams or flights of fancy. It can also help to keep you accountable to yourself and help give you motivation to bring things about that you’ve been wanting. Put your brilliant ideas down on paper and refer back to your notes often to be sure you didn’t miss something. Often writing down our thoughts and ideas will lead to even more ideas we didn’t realize we had. This is a way the angels can communicate with you, and help you to be where you want to be and find the next turn in the road ahead of you.

Victory! – Sandalphon

Taking action on your goals and keeping track of your progress will lead you to your goals. Just remember that there is no end to your story, only new beginnings. Once you’ve reached one goal, a new one becomes ready for you to reach for. Know that your dreams and wishes have been heard by the divine and you will be receiving answers in due time. Be patient and have faith that all will become clear and work out as it’s meant to. Don’t hold too many expectations about when, because divine time is much different than human time. Just have trust and faith that behind the scenes it’s all working out.


Notice the new ideas you’ve been having, even if they seem a little out there, and know that these messages are being given to you by the divine. Don’t hesitate to take action on these ideas, or they may become distant memories. Be sure to write down any ideas and thoughts you do have so that you have something tangible to help you reach your goals. Know that what you’ve been wishing for and dreaming about is known to the divine. Have faith that all will work out for the best but remember that the time frame may be a bit different than you’re expecting.

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