Notes from the Ether – January 4, 2016


This week I used the Wildwood Tarot deck by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. It has a lot of imagery from nature that gives me a sense of peace. The message for this week is about new beginnings, an appropriate message for the start of a new year.


Eight of Arrows/Struggle – reversed

Normally I don’t read card reversed but I feel that this one needs to be read that way. I know a lot of us have struggled over the past year in one way or another. The message I get from this card is that the struggling is at best coming to an end, at worst slowing down. So you can expect to at least see a slow down of difficulties starting this week. I think it’s appropriate that there is snow in this card – as if coming out through a long, cold winter is occurring.

The Great Bear – reversed

Here I feel that the bear represents those things that have been holding us back. Again, I feel the “reverse” meaning is appropriate here. The things that have been holding you back are losing their grip. For some of you this is you holding yourself back. You’re starting to realize that what you’ve been doing is preventing you from moving forward; some of this is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what lies beyond the entrance to that cave. This fear is slowing, gradually fading away, allowing you to move into a new beginning.

Ace of Stones/The Foundation of Life

And here is our new beginning. You write your own story, therefore you are the master of it. You can decide how it twists and turns. I feel that symbolism  is very significant here, especially the spiral within the stone. The spiral represents life and the constant renewal process. Now is the time for you to begin a new process, to start over again. All is not lost. Believe that you can and will begin again, no matter what obstacles you’ve been facing. Find your faith in yourself, faith that you can do this.


The message overall here is that the struggles you’ve been experiencing are beginning to slow down or come to an end completely. You’re starting to realize what has been holding you back from moving forward and that fear of the unknown is part of this. The process of a new beginning is starting for you, you only need to embrace it and allow it to happen.

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