Notes from the Ether – November 3, 2013


Today I was drawn to use the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. The cards that came up for this reading I feel have some important messages for all of us to pay attention to.


Allow Love

As someone who tends to favor solitude, I do realize the importance of having some type of connection in our lives. Even if it’s not another person, but a beloved pet, allowing love into our lives has so many effects on our wellbeing. One thing that many people tend to overlook, or dismiss, is the love for ourselves. Loving ourselves is such an important aspect of our lives because if we can’t love ourselves, we have difficulty truly loving others. We must honor ourselves as living beings and give ourselves the care we deserve. Having that love also allows us to connect to divine love and also allows us to shine our light for others who need it.


I’m sure you have heard this term at one time or another and possibly thought it was something you couldn’t grasp. It’s really not any different than making a wish on a falling star or writing your hopes down in a journal. You do have the power to create what you want in life; you just need to believe you can. This card is telling us that power is all within our grasp, that we can have the life we want. Now is the time for you to have the courage and believe in yourself so you can step up and manifest all of your desires; your future is in your hands.

Make A Wish

Make that wish and the universe will respond. This card really does relate to the second card, telling us that the universe is listening, we just need to make our wishes know so that they can manifest in our lives. If you keep it all inside of you, you’re preventing all of those incredible possibilities to make their way to you. So make a wish on a star, to the angels, to the universe and believe that wishes really do come true when you take that step to ask for what you want.


Make room for love in your life, whether it’s human or not doesn’t matter, but be sure to include love for yourself. Believe that you do have the power to manifest your life; that power is in your hands, you just need to use it. Make your wishes known so that you can bring them to light and have the life you desire.

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