Notes from the Ether – October 20, 2013


On Friday I offered free quickie readings using the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I felt that the Goddesses still had some messages for everyone, so I did today’s reading with these cards.


Abundantia – Prosperity

I’ve seen this message coming up a lot lately. I feel that this is telling us that now is a time to truly sow what you reap, all of the good things you’ve been putting out into the world will soon be coming back to you, if they haven’t already. A lot of people are feeling this is a time of great change and I believe that’s true, we are all coming in to more of our own right now.

Mother Mary – Expect a Miracle

This is more confirmation that what you’ve put out into the universe, the wishes you’ve made and the things you’ve asked for, will be placed in your hands soon. Keep up the positive thinking and know that your prayers are being answered. It may not come in all at once, so be patient in knowing it will happen for you in due time. I also get the message that this is a time of great healing in all areas and you should be aware of how this is working in your life.

Bast – Independent

I get that sometimes we can feel alone, especially when we are doing it all ourselves. Don’t let this deter you from embracing your independence and taking charge of your life. Acknowledge your strength and be confident that you really can do this on your own. Step up and take charge, knowing that you alone are responsible for your own success. Don’t rely on others to validate you in order to be or feel successful; it is all within you. I feel that this is a common thread for a lot of you right now, leaving the traditional work place to strike out on your own, so you are not alone in your journey.


So overall, I see that prosperity and abundance is coming in, albeit may be slowly but it will be there. Know that your prayers and wishes have been heard and will be taken care of in due time. Embrace your independence and know that you are capable of reaching your goals and you don’t need anyone else’s permission to step up and make it work.

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