Notes from the Ether – October 27, 2013


For today’s reading I was drawn to go with The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Collette Baron-Reid. Since there are so many crazy things going on right now, I felt this was an appropriate deck to get the messages we all need to hear right now.


Deep Freeze

You may be feeling this way right about now, stuck and stagnant, not being able to move forward. Feeling like you’ve nowhere to go until things thaw out, but this is not really the case. The focal image in this card is the lion, known for courage and strength. You have that strength within you, even though you might feel like its deep, deep down beyond your reach. You just need to believe it’s there – like the Cowardly Lion in the wizard of Oz, he had his courage all along, he just needed to believe in himself to see it.

Come Together

Right now there are so many changes going on, so much to be unsure of, and a lot of us are feeling the effects. This card is telling us that we need to come together – on a personal level, as a community, etc., to help each other navigate through these changes. It can be so difficult and scary to go through things alone, especially when you don’t know what the outcome will be. Find ways to connect to others to get that support you may need during this time of transition, even if it’s just a good friend, or small group of friends. Don’t discount online support, either; you may be able to find just the right group of people who are feeling the same way you are.

Into the Unknown

This is another message about how things are changing and how difficult it can be to not know where you’re headed. This is the unknown, for sure and, again, it can be scary. But it’s also a bit exciting, like we’re headed on a whirlwind adventure to exotic places and mysterious locations. The woman in the card looks as though she’s headed to a masked ball – maybe she’ll meet her handsome prince who will whisk her away to a distant land to live happily after in his castle in the clouds. At any rate, think of this as an opportunity to write your own story instead of just letting it be written for you. Embrace the unknown instead of fearing it.


You may be feeling a little unsure of yourself right now but know that you do have what you need to move forward within you, just believe it is there. This is a time to get support to help you navigate the changes that are going on, it can be difficult to go it alone but you don’t have to be alone. The changes that are happening can be a bit scary, especially since you’re not sure what the outcome will be; don’t be afraid of the unknown, embrace it and take the reins to guide your own life.

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