Notes from the Ether – September 15, 2014


Today I wanted to talk to the angels so this week’s message is from them, using Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle deck. The message is remember who you are so that you can overcome difficulties and pay close attention to messages being given to you in the form of color.


Remember Who You Are

The message here is to hold on to your true self, don’t lose that authentic version of you and don’t let anyone else take that away from you. This isn’t only who you are now but who you’ve been in previous lives. We all gain knowledge in each life we live and we bring it forward with us as we reincarnate. You do have the power to remember all that you’ve learned, you just need to be ready for it to come to you. But also remember who you are now and remember that we are all part of the Divine, we are all powerful divine beings of light you just need to see that light and embrace your divinity.

Overcoming Difficulties

I know many of us are experiencing some difficult times in one way or another, shifting energies, and such can wreak havoc on us mentally and emotionally. The message with this card is that things are getting better now, the worst is behind you, just keep pushing forward and don’t’ give up. You can make it through this with new clarity and new energy. Life will always have its setbacks and hiccups so the best we can do is just hold on and wait for them to pass.


The message here is that your awareness is being opened up so that you can better see what’s before you. Pay closer attention to messages you are being given. I feel like many of you are seeing colors in many things. Colors that seem to be repeating in patterns. Notice how and when these colors show up for you as they are signs of the Divine energy showing up in your life for a reason. All colors have meaning so seeing them over and over again usually has some significance for you. Be more aware of your surroundings so that you are more in tune when these colors show up and how they show up. These are visual cues that are showing up for a reason.


Don’t forget who you really are no matter how much anyone else tries to make you different, ask the angels that all previous knowledge you’ve learned from past lives be shown to you but be sure you are ready to receive the information. Notice the shift in energy as the trials you’ve been experiencing pass and the new energy emerges, just keep holding on, better things are on the horizon. Pay close attention to colors that you see around you, especially those that you keep seeing over and over, these colors are coming to you as messages that you need to pay attention to.

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