Notes from the Ether – September 2, 2014


A day late and a dollar short but better late than never LOL. For this week’s reading I chose the Tyldwick Tarot deck because I haven’t used it in awhile. It’s an awesome deck, although it can be challenging to read, but I would say it’s one of my favorites. The message this week is to focus on balancing your energy so that you don’t go too far in one energetic direction or the other.


The Moon

The important message in this card is balance. You can see this embodied in the card image not only by the statues on either side of the mantel but also in the two dogs who are balancing on their haunches. Finding balance in our lives is key right now when so many things seem off kilter. If you’re sensitive you can feel much of the energy all around us has been a little off and, like the moon, it comes and goes in cycles. So, finding some way of creating balance in our lives is needed to offset all of that crazy energy. One really simple way is to start a meditation practice. This doesn’t need to be an involved, drawn out ritual, just something as easy as taking 5-10 minutes of silence and self reflection in order to bring yourself back to center.

The Star

Here is another message about balance; bringing together our emotional, spiritual, and physical energy so that we can be more clear and more grounded and not all over the place energetically. As with the first card’s message, those of us who are sensitive can really be affected when the energy around us is going haywire; staying grounded will help with that. Again, daily mindfulness can be a great way to help you stay grounded as well as carrying a good grounding stone such as black tourmaline, obsidian, and hematite. Try different ones to see how they affect you since the energy can be much different from stone to stone.

Three of Coins

The coins, or pentacles, are associated with earth, which is another message of being more connected to that earth energy in order to be more grounded. Be mindful of what you have in your environment that might affect this energy. Look around and see what things might be in your environment that might be keeping that energy stagnant, as being too grounded can be detrimental as well, keeping you stuck in one place with little or no energy. Things as literal as dead plants or flowers or not so literal as things that you never use or that have sat in a box in the attic for three years. Take some time to clear these things out that you no longer have a need for in order to free up that energy and get it moving again.


This was an interesting draw this week in that it goes from one energy spectrum to the other, with a combination in between. The main message is balance; focus on that middle of the road area so that you don’t get too carried away and affected by crazy energy and that you don’t get so grounded that you’re stuck and stagnant energetically.

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