Sharing Trinkets

Last week I talked about a few things that can lead you to self-discovery. One of them was to start a trinket box. I started one when I was in high school and I wanted to share what’s inside.

The box itself is a tin that apparently had soap in it at one time (or maybe not). A girl I was friends with had it on her dresser and I thought it was cool so she gave it to me. I’ve been adding little things to it here and there over the years. Most of it I don’t even remember acquiring.


So here’s the low-down – bits from one (or maybe both) of my sister’s baby shower cakes:


A couple of key chains – the little car has moving wheels:


Some dead flowers, I’m pretty sure the carnation is from my mother-in-law’s funeral but I don’t remember where the rose came from:


Bits and pieces – some seashells, a rabbit’s foot, a weird blue eraser, a hair band, the back of a watch, a tiny nut, a jewelry bail, a tiny embroidered carrot:


Some buttons, pins, and coins – that gold coin is actually a gift certificate of sorts from a jewelry store in Tucson that no longer exists:


Some more pins – I think I got them at a NASCAR race in Phoenix – a little lock that goes to a tin savings bank I think I still have (?) – don’t know where the key is though; the wooden “coin” is a business card from a vendor that I visited at the 4th Ave Street Fair one year (man, I miss Tucson!):


A goldstone pendant, a little crystal, a photo charm of one of my nephews, my class ring, and a maple leaf pendant (yes, it IS a maple leaf) that I borrowed from a friend when I was in high school – time went by and we moved on and I never returned it to her (sorry Angie, I’ll give it back when I see you again, I promise):


My charm bracelet I got in San Diego and the one and only charm I have for it – a tiny orange crate with little “oranges” inside:


I little purple box, some tiny purple dice, a gold anklet with my name engraved on it, a four-leaf clover I found somewhere that I “preserved” between two pieces of scotch tape (the dice, anklet, and clover leaf live in the little purple box), a pair of dice valve stem covers that I bought for my motorcycle but decided not to use because, a) they’d throw off the balance of the tires; and b) someone would probably steal them:


So that’s about it! I’d love to hear what treasures you’ve added to your trinket box so far. Drop me a little note below and let me know!

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