The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

halloweenAs long as I can remember Halloween has been my favorite holiday. Even though you get presents at Christmas, I still preferred Halloween – probably because of the candy. Candy, candy, and more candy, I loved it. I’m not so much a fan of hard candy anymore, it’s just too sweet for me, but chocolate and caramel is still at the top of my list.

I grew up in the 70’s, a much different time than now. We all went trick-or-treating with no adult supervision and no concerns about our safety. The neighborhood I always went around in consisted of an area of 3 streets and it seemed to take all night to visit every house, even though it was only about a mile, or so, long. Practically every house in the neighborhood would give out treats and it was okay to eat the homemade stuff like popcorn balls and caramel apples. We hauled in so much loot we had to use a pillowcase to collect it all – those little plastic orange pumpkins kids use today would probably only make it as far as one row of houses. And a lot of the time we got full size candy bars, not the little “fun size” ones, although we did get plenty of those too; but the full size ones were the best! So, it was usually around midnight when we finally collected our last bit of candy and we’d go to a friend’s house and dump out everything that we got, trade off anything we didn’t like, and start eating – the popcorn balls were the first to go.

It was this time of year we also had the school carnival. They set up all the classrooms with carnival games, there was a cotton candy machine in the hallway between classrooms, and one of the classrooms had a cake walk. I always did the cake walk but, much to my dismay, I never won a cake. There was always an apple bobbing tub somewhere too, never could get a hold of any of the apples. Prizes for the games were little cheap toys or candy. Someone’s parent would drop us off with a pocketful of cash to trade in for tickets that we used to pay for everything; when you ran out of tickets you hung around until someone picked you up.

So for my childhood, Halloween was about the costumes and the candy, mostly the candy, and the school carnival. Then, when I got older I learned about the true origins of the holiday and that really resonated with me. Especially since most of my ancestry is Irish, Welsh, and Scottish, I feel like it’s part of my heritage. Even so, it just feels right to me to honor those that came before you, those that carved a path for us to follow. Though I’ve wanted to celebrate this aspect, I have yet to do so. However, this year I am going to be doing the meditation from the Celebrating Samhain eKit from Jess Carlson and, on Friday, I’m doing a Releasement Ceremony for letting go of things that no longer serve us; you are welcome to participate in the ceremony, you don’t need to be present as I’m doing this offline, you only need to post your intentions for what you want to release on the event page by tomorrow night.

If you’re going out tomorrow, trick-or-treating with your kids or going to parties, I wish you a safe and happy evening. I won’t be going out so I may be doing a spooky card reading on my Facebook page; if you’re staying in, keep an eye out over there, you never know what time I may be popping in.

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