Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work

Affirmations can be a powerful thing. They can help you to feel better about yourself and be more self-accepting, they can help you to be more confident and to be more positive, they can help you to realize that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to and be more successful. And who doesn’t want to feel confident or be more successful, right?

succeedFinding an affirmation to use isn’t that difficult, either, they abound all over the internet; on blogs, in articles, on social media, in ezines and newsletters, in self-help books and transformational program materials. I’m sure you’ve probably used a few yourself, I know I have.

But I’ve recently come to realize that the way an affirmation is worded is a key factor in whether or not it will give you the result you want. You see, everything has an energy vibration, including the words you use, and the universe picks up on that vibration and creates, or doesn’t create, based on that vibration – the whole Law of Attraction thing. So, if the words you’re using don’t have the right vibration, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

For instance, I’ve been using the affirmation “I always have more than I need” for quite some time. The thing is, what I have hasn’t changed much during that time. I wonder why? It’s because the words I was using are static. Let me explain – saying that I always have more than I need is basically saying “what I have now is more than I need, so I don’t need more”. So the universe is like “okay, you’re good, moving on”.

What I really should have been saying (and will from now on) is “I am always receiving more than I need”. See the difference? The word “receiving” has movement, it has flow and adding “always” makes it constant. So there is a constant energy flow. And the universe says “okay, you’re always receiving more, here you go, here’s even more”.

You can even feel the difference physically. Notice how “I always have more than I need” feels; it’s stagnant, it feels heavy, like a huge lump of clay just sitting there. But “I am always receiving more than I need” feels light, it feels airy and free like a bird gliding through the air.

So be mindful of how you word your affirmations. Think about the results you want and what the best way would be to express your desire in order to get those results. Remember, your words have energy vibration and you want to match the energy of your words with the energy of what you desire.

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