Why You Should Have Your Cards Read Intuitively

Having your cards read can be a pleasant and fun experience. If your reader uses their intuitive abilities, it can also be rewarding and insightful. Literally anyone can memorize the basic meanings of all the cards and be able to give a reading. However, everyone they read for is getting the same canned messages from the cards. Same thing applies to those free websites where you just click on a card to see your message.

Even though everyone has intuitive abilities, some people may not use them because they don’t believe they have them or they just don’t realize they can read that way; and, of course, some people don’t care, they just want to take your money.

When someone’s reading the cards intuitively, they are looking at the deeper meanings in the cards and relating it to you and your question specifically; they use their abilities to pull out the information that is only for you. So no two people get the same message from the same cards.

img176Let’s use an example with “The Devil” card. Standard meanings for each card are different, depending on the source, so we’ll use the one in the booklet that comes with the Rider-Waite deck:

“Ravage, violence, force, vehemence, extraordinary efforts, fatality, that which is predestined but not for this reason evil.”

So, say your question was “why am I having difficulty finding the right partner?” and The Devil card comes up in your spread. If you’re just getting the standard meaning, this might not make much sense. But, intuitively, the meaning for this card may be this – you’re stuck finding the same type of partner because you are afraid to take chances, you go with what feels comfortable for you, even if it’s not the right person for you. You may be holding yourself back from being truly happy because you’re afraid of being hurt.

Now, someone else might have a different question and get a completely different answer. Let’s say “Bob” over here wants to know “what is holding me back and keeping me from being successful?” So “Bob” is stuck in a dead end job and can’t get anywhere, it turns out he has problems with alcohol but doesn’t reveal this to the reader. However, someone reading intuitively would most likely pick up on this issue and his meaning for The Devil card would be this – I’m seeing that you may have some issues with substance abuse, possibly alcohol; I feel this is limiting you from having a fuller life and from getting ahead. I feel that if you can work on this issue, it would give you the chance to be in a better place.

As you can see, pretty much none of the standard meaning for this card came into play for either reading; not to say that they never would, but they shouldn’t always. This is why it’s important that the reader you choose isn’t just giving out cookie cutter readings, and they’re looking at the bigger picture to get the right information and guidance just for you.

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