You Don’t Have to be Christian to Talk to Angels

Or any other religion, for that matter!

Angels do not associate themselves with any particular religion because religion is really a man-made premise. They were created by God/Goddess/Divine/Source to serve a specific purpose. You can connect to them and communicate with them no matter what your religious beliefs are (even if you have no religious beliefs at all!).

Let me tell you a little bit about them.

white-angelYou may not know that there are actually different levels of angels, called “choirs”. Each choir has a certain purpose such as working directly with God, working in the cosmos, or working directly with humans. They are beings of light who will appear to us in a form that they know will be comforting and not frightening, such as the typical winged human-like figures you’re probably most familiar with.

The angels we are most connected with are the archangels and our own guardian angels. There are many different archangels but a few that are more well-known, such as Michael who is associated with strength and protection, or Raphael who is associated with healing. The specific purpose of archangels is to help humans in their daily lives. Each archangel has their own “job” to do and they also have their own associations with color and gemstones.

Our guardian angel’s purpose is to help protect us individually. Guardian angels are here for a specific person, throughout their life, from birth to death. So each of them always only helps one person. Whereas the archangels are here to help everyone and can be in many places at once as they are needed.

While it is possible to connect to other levels of angels, most of us will only be able to connect with the archangels and guardian angels, which is really all we need.

If you’d like to learn even more about the angels, and how you can connect with them, I’m offering a free training on April 14, 2015 to teach you more about how to do just that. Just hop on over to my Intro to Archangels registration page to register for the call!

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